We are excited that you have made the decision to reunite with your Power Animal.

Have you ever felt connected to a certain animal?


Do you consistently see the same animal as you walk in nature? Or on social media is the same animal showing up for you? If that is the case, it may be your Power Animal wanting to be recognized and to support you.


For years the indigenous peoples have included a relationship with animal spirits who support them throughout their lives, they can act similar to a guardian angel.  


A Power Animal adds powerful and protective energy to your field.


A Power Animal can support your health and well-being so that negative energies do not penetrate you.


A Power Animal lends you its innate wisdom, supporting you with its intelligence and integrity.


A Power Animal is an ally for healing yourself and others.


A Power Animal can be a great support for children and older adults who are often weak.

When we are born, we all come into the world with a Power Animal, whether we know it or not it has been supporting our earthly journey. The ritual of integrating with your Power Animal is a sacred ceremony as the essence of this animal is etherically blown into your heart chakra by the shaman who is performing this ritual.

We have designed a special holographic program that creates a thumbprint of you on the universal field.


We do this based on your name, birthdate and place of birth. Through a sophisticated Shamanic Resonance program we are able to search into the  holographic universe for the essence of the Power Animal that was present with you at birth. After we have identified your Power Animal we target the heart chakra and for three months send the vibrational aspects of your Power Animal into your field reuniting it again with you. In addition, you will receive a channeled message by Lori from your Power Animal that will be featured in her upcoming book, The Shaman’s Guide to Power Animals, giving you a sneak peek before its release in the Spring of 2018!


Please allow 5-7 days for Lori to discover the Power Animal within you.

(Please note it may be longer if your order arrives during a holiday.)