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  • Learn to apply crystals,  how these powerful stones are used to improve daily life.

  • Understand the deep metaphysical properties, each crystal type has unique properties.

  • Apply your crystal knowledge to astrology, tie it all together as you bring astrology and your crystals together.

  • Bring essential oils into your life,  emotions and how to use oils to manage and optimize your mood and self state.

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A Journey to Human Harmony

Sample her online course The Tree of Life. Lori Morrison takes participants beyond the veil of ordinary understanding into the energy matrix of the soul's journey. Lori gracefully guides you into alignment with a higher frequency for creating a life of infinite possibilities. By gathering Mayan wisdom and cutting edge quantum technology through the ancient symbolism of the Tree of Life, Lori is able to change the structure of your thoughts and get you to a balance of the mind, body and soul. By clearing the “lasagne” of layers and layers of limiting beliefs and cultural conditioning she gracefully guides the soul smack into the center of the heart. There, through resonance testing you are placed into alignment with a higher vibrational frequency for creating a life of infinite possibilities.

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